How To Boost Your GoodLife Business
For $.30 or Less!​

IBO’s get paid when someone activates and uses the VIP Card you gave them. You also get paid when someone in your downline gives out their VIP Cards, that get activated and used.

So, the key to getting paid, is to increase VIP Card activation and usage.

When we became IBO’s ourselves, we started passing out cards to people we knew and those we didn’t know. Each time we did, we kept having to explain what the card was, the benefits, and how to use the card.

Within a short time, we had an ah-ha moment! Let’s find a way to combine the VIP Card WITH a business card “SLEEVE” (just like many gift cards use). One side acts as your business card and the other side explains to the recipient the extensive benefits of the VIP Card.

The Test

Before we built this site, we felt the need to test the idea of the Sleeve and see if it would increase activations. We tested two options; “naked” VIP Cards and VIP Cards in “Personalized Sleeves”.

It Passed

We conducted a four-month beta-test passing out VIP Cards in Personalized Sleeves, at events, schools, conventions and many types of businesses. As we suspected, the perceived value and legitimacy of the VIP Card was higher, resulting in a significant increase in the number of activations.

The Sleeves made it “Real” and did the talking for us!

VIP Card Activations were much greater using a “Sleeve” (either Generic or Personalized).


With a Personalized Sleeve, you can:

  • Promote your Business and Reward your Customers by easily handing out valuable gifts of the $200 or $2000 VIP Cards (let the sleeve do the explaining).

  • Recognize and Reward Employees.

  • Promote Your Charities, Churches and Teams… Increase Donations and Thank Loyal Contributors